Suzuki V Storm SX 250: Just a Gixxer 250 in adventure clothing?


The Indian motorcycling industry is currently obsessed with only two kinds of motorcycles; modern retro and adventure. Motorcycles like Himalayan, Classic 350, Honda CB 350, Yezdi, KTM Adventure 390, et al have inflicted great pain on the sales of sports motorcycles in the country.

Adding to the growing list of adventure motorcycles, Suzuki has launched its foray into the competition with V Storm SX 250. This came in as a surprise to many as Suzuki hadn’t done any hype creation by leaking the motorcycle as many companies (looking at you Royal Enfield) do.

They just went out and uploaded a launch video on YouTube and be done with it. This was certainly a rather interesting way to launch a new product in a time when smartphones and automobiles are leaked for years before they were actually launched.

Now that the dust has settled, let’s look at the specifications of the V Storm SX 250 and figure out if is the same as Gixxer 250?

V Storm SX 250 vs Gixxer 250: Similarities

The V Storm SX 250 comes with the same engine as the Gixxer 250; a single-cylinder 249cc engine producing 26.5ps and 22 NM of power and torque.

Similarities between the V Storm SX 250 and Gixxer 250 do not just end there. Both also share the same headlight and taillight units. Apart from that they also have the same tank size with different outer cladding.

Both of these motorcycles also have the same disk brakes, instrument console and exhaust setup. There is no mention of suspension travel on the V Storm SX 250 but from the looks of it, it looks the same as Gixxer 250.

V Storm SX 250 vs Gixxer 250: Differences

Despite a lot of similarities however there are many differences between the V Storm 250 and Gixxer 250 as well, the biggest and most important of which is the wheelbase.

The SX 250 comes with a wheelbase of 1440mm as opposed to 1340mm in Gixxer 250.

This would make the V Storm 250 more stable in straight line and good for adventure touring on the highways.

Another massive difference between the Gixxer 250 and V Storm 250 is their ground clearance. Gixxer 250 being a street naked has a ground clearance of 165mm which is bettered by the V Storm 250 at 205mm which would make it better on broken surfaces.

The V Storm 250 being an adventure tourer is also taller with a seat height of 835mm as opposed to 800mm in Gixxer 250. Apart from all the similarities mentioned above (which is a lot), everything else is different on these motorcycles.

The price of V Storm SX 250 is Rs 2.11 lakhs and that of Gixxer 250 is 1.76

Do all the differences between these two motorcycles justify the price difference of Rs 35,000? What do you think?

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