Tanhaji Review: Good VFX makes up for a straightforward storyline


Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior has opened to full theaters and has set sight at becoming the first Rs 100 cr movie of the year. Ajay Devgan plays Tanhaji, a military leader in the Maratha Empire, under Shivaji. Kajol plays his wife and Saif Ali Khan plays Udhaybhan Singh Rathore, the Rajpoot fortkeeper.

Sinhagad Fort

The first thing that you notice while watching this movie is the implementation of 3D. With every arrow coming straight from the screen you get a gist of what lies ahead. The movie is laden with good 3D and VFX and it shows how far we’ve come from the days when 3D was just a gimmick. It is not to say though that there are no mistakes. There is a scaling issue when a human character is placed side by side with a CG character. It is also seen when Ajay Devgan is holding a javelin in the opening scene.

Saif Ali Khan as Udhay Bhan Singh

The story, however, seems a bit lacking. It seems too straightforward and black and whiting of characters seem plenty. It sure does have a narrative to show the Marathas as good guys fighting for what is right and the Mughals as the force of evil. That, however, should be expected as the movie is told from the perspective of the Marathas.

If you look past all the little nuances this movie should be a good watch. If you like period dramas and 3D then this is right up your alley.

It is somewhat confusing as to why the makers didn’t mention monitor lizards which were used to scale the mountain. That would have made for the mountain climbing scene much more interesting.

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