That G Wagon Escaping a Cop Video Is Fake

Have you seen that video where a Marcedes G63 AMG evades a cop car by going over the sliding over a truck and going to another side of the road?

G wagon car chase fake

Well, it turns out the video is fake. It’s a CGI generated video by a YouTuber that goes by the name 2NCS. The video is so well made that it looks real. This video is being circulated all around the interest from the past few days.

g wagon car chase fake

The viewers were quite amazed by the video and couldn’t figure out if the video was fake. Honestly, it is so well made that it’s very difficult to figure out that it’s a CGI.

The physics-defying acceleration of G wagon gave it away. Although the G wagon is a really fast car for an SUV, it is still not among the fastest accelerating cars in the world. It’s the acceleration of 0-60 in 4.4 seconds is nothing to boast about when cars these days do it in 2.7 seconds.

The creator of the video took to YouTube to explain how he made this video.

His anther video in which a Ferrai 488 evades a cop by going under a truck is even more impressive. Watch it here.

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