The Admins of the Official Page of Lund (University), Could Not Take It Anymore


Lund University, the Swedish University recently hit back being fed up with all the penis jokes sent their way. For people who don’t get what the issue is, ‘lund’ in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal means ‘penis’, and people from subcontinent often send memes and comments on the social media pages of the Swedish University.

I personally don’t like them but sex jokes are inherently funny among teenagers, just ask Elon Musk. People have been making sex jokes since the beginning of time but to spam, a University’s page is something that we should refrain from.

I would be apologetic for this behaviour but it seems like a small group of Indian teenagers doing something like this is always treated differently than people from other countries. For example, the internet is filled with people from the west making fun of names like Dixit, Hardik, Sukhdeep etc and it’s always received with great applause as if it’s the best joke in all of eternity. On the other hand, a certain Swedish Youtuber by the name Pewdiepie has made the whole of India a laughing stock by painting them as Bobs and vagana guys. Just as not every person from the west makes hardik jokes, not every Indian posts bobs and vagana on someone else’s profile.

Since language, humour and the internet are intertwined, these jokes will go on forever.

Their page is a public place on the internet and people should be allowed to joke as they please as long as it’s not offensive. The university also needs to refrain from stereotyping “certain countries” from the behaviour of some teenagers and learn the fact that there are other cultures in the world with different languages and jokes.

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