The camera for rear-view mirrors is a stupid idea!


There is a constant struggle to make cars better since 1886 when Carl Benz made the first car. Every year carmakers come up with tech and features that make cars that little bit better than earlier.

One such tech is Digital mirrors. Essentially Digital mirror is a set of cameras on each side paired with two respective screens on the inside. Currently, cars like Honda E, Lexus ES and Mclaren Speedail have side mirror cameras.

In the future, however many more cars would come with cameras for rearview mirrors but I’m here to tell you why the use of camera instead of a rear view mirror, it’s a bad idea.

Reduces drag? Yes, but actually no!

The biggest reason for using cameras instead of traditional mirrors is the reduction of drag. Carmakers claim rearview mirrors create a lot of drag that hampers the mileage. They claim, putting two cameras instead of mirrors would decrease drag and increase mileage.

But would that really? The cars need to go at immense speeds before the reduced drag outweighs the energy needed for two extra cameras and screens. These city cars that average 20-30 kmph do not generate so much drag that necessitates the removal of mirrors. In reality, it does nothing for the mileage and drag if you do the maths.

Easy adjustments

In traditional mirrors, you could change the viewing angle just by moving your head. You cannot do that on digital mirrors. For it to show some part that is not being currently shown, you have to go into the settings and change the angle of the camera.

Not only is this slow but also dangerous. Sure, wide-angle cameras could show more of the road but still not every bit of it, which is possible in traditional rearview mirrors.

Solution in search of a problem

Digital rearview mirrors seem like a solution that is in search of a problem. This is akin to the 911s door handles, that was criticised by Chris Harris. For those who don’t know, Porche implemented a function in the door handles where you have to first click on a button on the key in order for the door handles to pop out and then pull it to open the door, making opening car door a two step process. Totally unnecessary!

Car companies explaining how replacing the steering wheel with a touch screen would make driving better

Car doors do not need to have a two-step process in order for them to work. The same is the case with digital mirrors in Honda E, Lexus ES and other cars going this route.

The rearview mirror has not changed since the inception of automobiles because they are perfect. They show the rearview in real-time. Additionally, more of the rearview can be seen just by moving your head. This is something that is impossible for a camera to achieve. The implementation of a rearview camera instead of traditional mirrors is a very very bad idea that should be killed before it takes shape.

Technology should aid our life, it should not be added just for the sake of it

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