The Crazy World of Cricket Thumbnails on YouTube

YouTube, the world’s biggest video hosting platform is full of weird things. The content creators use all sorts of luring tactics to get people to watch their videos. It’s called clickbait. It’s essentially a bait that traps you into clicking on a video. Two things that people see before deciding on clicking on a video are the title and the thumbnail. This is where fan-made cricket videos on YouTube excel. Or fail?

Yes of course Steve Smith beat the Umpire that one time
Thankfully Kohli managed to escape a certain death situation
Supernatural stuff
That’s how a bowler is taken to the dressing room after getting a fifer
Pitches so flat, pilots confuse it for runways

This is what I’m on to here. There are hundreds of cricket videos on YouTube that have these badly photoshopped thumbnails that, in theory, should not fool anyone. These videos, however, have millions of views motivating others to make more of these. From these thumbnails, it looks like cricket is the most aggressive and brutal game in the history of games. A person who has never watched cricket would think that cricket pitches are always getting crash-landed into or payers are attacked by wild animals every few games.

Strict Copyright laws?

Cricket boards, BCCI, in general, is very strict about the use of cricket clips and often gets them removed from YouTube. A big reason why cricket thumbnails are as weird as they are is certainly because of strict copyright issues in India and the subcontinent. What started out as a way to dodge a video removal has become this all-out attack on logic.

If you want a good chuckle and have a few minutes to spare, go on YouTube, and search for cricket videos. You do not need to watch the videos just the thumbnails are funny enough to make your day.

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