The crazy world of DJ Bolero


Rajasthan is a state with great traditions; If there is one state that deserves the tag of Royalty it is Rajasthan given the number of palaces and heritage. This state also has a very rich musical and folk dance culture. If you have visited Rajasthan you know what I’m talking about. Everywhere you go you can find people sitting and singing and or dancing in Rajasthan.

One quirky little addition to the great musical culture of Rajasthan that I discovered recently is DJ on wheels. DJ on wheels or DJ Bolero is a DJ setup built directly on Mahindra Bolero Camper. These DJs are used in marriage ceremonies and other events.

If you see them on standstill it looks just like any other similar set-up used in North Indian ceremonies. What makes these DJ on wheels different is the way they are driven. Just have a look at this video featuring a DJ camper.

Crazy right?

DJ on wheels is quite popular in Rajasthan and its popularity is growing more every day. Now it has also come under the radar of the police and these are often caught and seized. This added scrutiny however has not stopped people from doing crazy stunts on their DJ Boleros.

Ever since I saw these videos I have been intrigued to learn more about them. So far I only know that these DJs are mostly built on Mahindra Bolero Camper. Being an automotive enthusiast I also know that driving like a complete lunatic would have adverse effects on the vehicle. I can only imagine the toll this kind of driving takes on the chassis and engine of these vehicles.

One silver lining however is the suspension of the Mahindra Camper. It comes with leaf springs at the rear which can sustain all kinds of abuse thrown at it and should be fine. The front however is spring suspension and those must need a change every few months.

The purpose of this post isn’t to promote this kind of driving as it is not only dangerous for the driver but also for others on the road. This post is solely aimed at directing your attention towards the craziness involved in this whole concept of DJ Campers.

What do you think about these DJ on wheels? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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