The Hype Around Mirzapur Season 2 Could Backfire Royally for the Creators


Remember Mirzapur? The Amazon Prime show that aired when the world was, what now seems, very normal. Backed up by a great cast and a very engaging storyline, the show was a huge success. The fact that Sacred Games season 2 was very complicated helped a bit as well. Ali Fazal and Vikrant Messey gave performances that would be remembered for ages. Guddu Bhaiya’s transformation from a simple-minded small-town boy to a gun-wielding gunda high on drugs is fascinating to watch.

No wonder fans around the country couldn’t wait for the new season after the first was ended at a huge cliffhanger. Then the pandemic hit and all the schedule was thrown out of the window. People stayed at home for the entirety of the pandemic (still are), many shows were launched in the meantime and found great success, but Mirzapur season 2 was nowhere to be seen.

Guddu Bhaiya about to give a Hindi lesson

Fans kept asking the directors and the people involved in the series about an expected release date but found no answers. Looking at the hype around the show, the creators started posting videos about the potential release of the show. On 24th August, Amazon posted a video about an upcoming video that would show the release date of the second season of Mirzapur.

The fans have surely put Mirzapur on a pedestal but the creators have gone one step further. They treat it like its a COVID-19 vaccine, something that the world needs to survive. What started as a trick to leverage time without losing the popularity has now increased the bar for failure. Mirzapur season 2 would have been similar to the first season and it would have been enough to make it a hit. But since it’s being treated like the second coming of Jesus, it needs to be better than everything there is to watch on streaming platforms. Anything less would seem like a failure.

The second season of Mirzapur is slated to premiere from October 23, 2020. Are you ready to be entertained? Or are you ready to be heartbroken?

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