The Most Dominating Football Team You’ve Never Heard Of


Every football fan knows about Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona. These are among the most famous clubs around the world that regularly wins Champions League and their respective leagues. Teams like PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City and Barcelona have dominated their respective leagues in recent times and shipped goals in bucketloads. Manchester City scored 106 goals in 2018-18 season breaking records left right and center, but what if I told you, none of the teams mentioned above have been the most dominating team in their successful season.

Olympique Lyonnais Féminin

That honour goes to the Olympic Lyon Women’s team. The French teams that’s winning the Women’s Champions League since last 4 consecutive years and in the semifinals of this year’s campaign as well.

Lyon have 14 consecutive domestic league titles and 4 consecutive Champions League titles. In the last 14 years, they have just 5 league losses.

Just the above line is enough to show their dominance in women’s football but here’s more. In 2015 season they finished undefeated winning all their 22 games. In that campaign, they scored 147 goals at an average of 6.68 goals per game. They allowed just 6 goals in 22 games they played. Similarly, in the 2011-12 season, OL Women’s team won 19 games and drew the rest of 3 games, allowing only 3 goals in return.

Their dominance is down to the commitment of owner Jean-Michale to treat the men’s and women’s team the same. Lyon’s men team reached this year’s semifinal in the Champions League (their best showing) while women’s team is on their way to win 5th consecutive trophy. A dominance like Olympique Lyonnais Féminin’s is never seen in men’s football, there are always at least 2-3 teams that are closely matched at any time in history.

Although other teams are slowly catching up to Olympique Lyonnais Féminin, there is still time for a worthy competitor to be assembled. A 14 season league winning stretch has never been seen before, nor a 4 consecutive Champions League win. There will surely be other dominating teams in the future but this Olympic Lyon team should be regarded as the most dominating to have ever played this beautiful game.

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