The MPL Logo Is an Abomination on the India Jersey


The Indians team has a new shirt sponsor. It’s not Adidas or Puma but the online betting app MPL. Yes, you heard it right, the MPL makes the India national team jersey. As weird as it sounds, a betting company indeed has now risen to the point where it could now sponsor the team India. While the whole idea of a betting company being involved so closely with the team is controversial in itself, it would help if the new kit design was good.

The new jersey, however, has an ugly looking MPL logo that ruins the whole design. It looks like the logo has been made by a school kid who is learning how to use a photo editing software. The MPL logo has been pasted on the rather beautiful retro jersey in what seems like an afterthought. The designer did not even bother to remove the ugly white background on the MPL logo for consistency. The jersey has three words all in different fonts and different sizes. To think that the richest board in the world has come up with this abomination is sad. In presence of the Australian jersey, it looks like a walking billboard.

This design made by the username rpmdebslack on Reddit is astronomically better. With just a few changes the jersey has gone from ugly to decent looking.

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