The Reverse Helicopter Scoop Could Be the Latest Attraction at Your Nearest IPL Game


The advent of T20 cricket has paved way for some crazy shots. Dil Scoop, reverse shot, uppercut, helicopter shot and many other shots arose from the desire to make runs at every ball disregarding the quality of ball bowled. The balls that were probably termed unplayable a decade ago could now be hit for a six. Not even a good yorker is exempt from being hit for a boundary.

The introduction of the Helicopter shot is credited to MS Dhoni who devised this to score off of yorkers. Similarly, the reverse scoop was popularised by AB Devilliers to score at the back of the wicket. Well, a batsman in Tamil Nadu has combined the two to create something that could give a heart attack to cricket purists. Watch for yourself.

Now that’s what you call improvisation. Not long before this type of shot is played in an IPL match given the Pants of the game are always looking to score no matter the fielding placement and ball bowled. While this shot doesn’t look good to any test watching purists who’d rather want this ball to be straight driven, it has its own charm. Many IPL teams would pay millions for a player to just hit this shot in the last couple of overs.

Whether or not you like it, this shot is coming to the T20 cricket because shots now are not dictated by their beauty but rather by the number of runs they get and this one gets the highest of them all, a SIX!

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