The Statue of Liberty Is Not as Big as You Think It Is!


Have you seen the statue of LIberty? If not in person, you must have atleast seen it in a movie. Almost every movie shot in New York or the USA shows the statue of LIberty as if it’s mandatory by the government. If you haven’t seen the statue in person you must be under the impression that it is humongous in size.

The reality, however, is often disappointing. In reality, the statue is very small as compared to what’s shown in the movies. Dimensionally it is 93m (305 ft) but that’s including the pedestal which is 47m high itself. Without it, the statue of LIberty would be just 46m (151ft) high. In the movie Cloverfield, they had the Statue of Liberty’s head rolling down the streets of NYC. At first, the head was to scale, but it looked too small. People didn’t believe it was the actual size. In order for it to look good, they had to make the head bigger by scaling it up by 50%. Ever since then any movie that has the statue of LIberty’s head fallen down has to scale it up as well.

Scene from the movie Cloverfield that has scaled up head of the Statue of Liberty

The first picture shows the Statue of Liberty’s head from the balcony on its torch. The balcony has been closed off since 1916. At first glance, the statue looks ginormous, but once you see the people in its crown it no longer looks as big as the movies and pop culture has enlarged it to be in your head.

Tallest Statues in the world

The Statue of Unity in Gujarat, India, has earned the status of being the tallest statue in the world at 182m (597ft) in length. It stands on a 58m (190ft) tall base which adds to its length and makes the whole structure 240m (787ft) in length. Even the base of the Statue of Unity is bigger than the body of the Statue of Liberty.

Size comparison between biggest statues in the world

At second comes the Spring Temple Buddha in China. It stands 124m (420ft) tall. The point of this article is not to indulge in a d**k measuring contest but to throw light on the Statue of Liberty’s size. It continues to live a lie that was created by some movies and pop culture years ago, almost unable to break the shackles of fake ginormity.

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