There’s Stupid and Then There’s Vashikaran


Indians are very superstitious. There are a number of rules that are set by elders in a person’s life from a very young age. “Do not go ahead after a cat has crossed the street”, “do not go out after someone has sneezed”, and thousands more of such practices train us to be anti-scientific from a young age. Even in schools, these superstitions are not abolished, the students are left to figure it out by themselves.

Horny viewers take these stupid videos to 7 million views

A quick google search for vashikaran will take you to the dark alleys of the internet. A place filled with vashikaran totke, tantrik baba, love vashikaran and more. Even Sushant Singh Rajput’s death wasn’t exempt from this pseudoscience.

Preying on people’s unhappiness and insecurity

These anti-science practices create adults who believe in magic and specifically Vashikaran. Vashikaran is the practice of controlling another person by chanting some mantras. Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds. Sadly it’s also a million-dollar business. There are scam artists making crores by fooling naive people all around India.

Searching for Vashikaran on Google gives you addresses of a number of astrologers and websites that claim to control any person with the chant of few words. In return, you give them money! Vashikaran specialists prey or people’s unhappiness and give hope of a better future. These scam artists deploy a very simple tactic of earning money. They ask the person who comes for help to chant some mantra and buy totke. They would ask them to chant the mantra cordially (mann se) and if it doesn’t work, they would simply say, “you didn’t do it cordially” (aapne pure mann se nahi kiya)

This was mentioned on one of India’s most famous Vashikaran experts

India being a relatively poor country has lots of problems plaguing its general population. Sad and uneducated people who are looking to change their lives often fall for vashikaran scam. People with problems in their marriage go to these tantrik babas and get ripped off of their money instead of figuring out the problem and talking with their partners. The issue is also due to our society’s inability to discuss problems in the open.

We are like that ostrich that thinks if we hide our faces in sad then the predator will not see us. Rather than solving our problems by discussing with each other, we are taught to hide it and smile.

No wonder people end up in tantrik babas laps with deeply suppressed issues in their hearts.

No pushback from the government

Given how big the field of Vashikaran has become, the government should intervene in this fraudulent practice. Online scams, tax fraud, and other such activities are deemed illegal and often discouraged by the government, but for whatever reason, vashikaran is given a pass. These scammers enjoy making easy money by doing almost nothing and without their actions being questioned.

If you’re too stupid to fall for this, maybe you DESERVE to be scammed!

Some people claim that the ones who fall for vashikaran are really stupid since it’s not rocket science to understand that something like this doesn’t work, and deserve to be scammed. The flaw with this logic is that it could be applied for any scam. A person getting scammed by a bank could be told the same thing. People who go to vashikaran specialists are not stupid but rather ignorant and uneducated in most cases. It is the responsibility of others to make them understand the evil behind these practices.

A need for better schooling

Pick any science book from any class, you will find nothing about superstitions and magic. No science book tries to break this long-held notion of superstitions and vashikaran despite them having no proof of their success. Children need to be told that these are mere superstitions and do not have any place in today’s society so that when they grow up and have money they do not go to these scammers to solve their problems.

Vashikaran is fake, it has always been fake. There are no proofs that point to it being anything but a scam. If a person was able to control another person he would be working for the Indian army controlling minds of enemy soldiers on the border and making them bomb themselves.

Any person who is able to control another person would be the most powerful and richest person on the whole planet.

The fact that most vashikaran specialists hide in closed circles leeching off of people’s insecurities is proof that it’s a scam.

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