These Are the Only 5 Star Rated Cars in India


Gone are those days when Indian cars used to fail the Global NCAP tests. These days, Indian automakers are carrying a baton of change in the country for producing safe cars and that too at a very achievable price point. Today Tata and Mahindra offer 5 such cars that are rated 5 stars at the Global NCAP tests. None of the European, South Korean or US carmakers is able to do what the two Indian automakers have managed to achieve. Let’s looks at the only cars by Indian automakers that are rated 5 stars by Global NCAP.

Tata Punch

No one would guess that a cost-effective car for the masses could be the safest car in the country but here we are. Aimed at buyers who are looking for a small car with good ground clearance, the TATA Punch is the safest car from an Indian automaker with 5 stars at the Global NCAP. It has received 16.45 points out of 17 for Adult Safety.

The Tata Punch starts at Rs 5.49 Lakhs

Mahindra XUV 300

Tata and Mahindra have always pushed each other forming a very competitive but uplifting rivalry. Even in terms of safety, these two companies are neck and neck producing some of the safest cars in India. At the second spot, we have the XUV 300 that has an Adult Safety rating of 16.42, just 0.03 shy of Tata Punch. To think that Mahindra makes a 5 star rated car along with 0 star rated Scorpio is very interesting.

The Mahindra XUV 300 starts at Rs 7.96 Lakhs

Tata Altroz

At number 3 we have another hackback from TATA, called the Altroz. This i20 and Baleno rival leave them in the dust when it comes to safety. It has a rating of 16.13 from Global NCAP making it one of the safest cars from Indian automakers.

The Tata Altroz starts at Rs 5.84 Lakhs.

Tata Nexon

At the fourth position is another Tata car. The Tata Nexon tried to copy the Maruti Suzuki Brezza popularity by making a sub-4-meter car. Tata also advertised the Nexon at IPL similarly to the Brezza before it. It wasn’t as successful as the Brezza because the latter is a Maruti car but it did very well for Tata. It however crushed Brezza in safety. The Tata Nexon is the 4th safest car by an Indian automaker. It has a Global NCAP rating of 16.06.

It starts at Rs 7.29 Lakhs

Mahindra XUV 700

The new entry to the 5-star club is Mahindra XUV 700. Launched at a segment obliterating price of just Rs 12.49 Lakhs, the XUV has a waiting period of more than a year. It’s essentially a full-size SUV for the price of a crossover. Staying true to its promise of producing safe cars, Mahindra has built the XUV 700 with all the safety features and great chassis strength. The XUV 700 has an Adult Safety rating of 16.03 which makes it only one of 5 cars that are 5 stars rated by Indian car makers.

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