This 4-year old Indian kid rides Royal Enfield better than you


A recently surfaced video of a four-year-old child riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle has taken the internet by storm, raising debates about safety and parental responsibilities. Shared on the Instagram page of “tranz__moto_hub,” the footage portrays the young child expertly maneuvering the bike on private property, guided by an adult, presumably the parent. While the child’s skills have amazed many, it has ignited discussions about the risks and appropriateness of such training practices.

In the video, the child is seen sitting on the Royal Enfield Classic 350, too small to control the brakes or even reach them. With the assistance of the adult, the child skillfully releases the clutch, propelling the motorcycle forward with sheer confidence. Notably, the parent remains close, providing support until the child gains momentum. Despite the awe-inspiring display of riding skills, concerns have been raised about the safety implications of such activities involving underage children.

Here’s the video of a kid riding Royal Enfield Classic 350:

This isn’t the first time this child has been seen exhibiting such talents. Previous footage showcases the same child riding pocket bikes, a Yamaha RX100, and even driving a Tata Xenon on the same private property. The parent’s cautious approach to ensuring the child’s safety within a controlled environment deserves recognition, especially in light of the potential dangers that may arise if such activities were to take place on public roads.

Underage driving a huge concern in India

The viral nature of the video has prompted discussions on the responsibility of parents in nurturing their children’s interests while prioritizing their safety. While the display of exceptional skills at a young age is remarkable, the context of these activities must also be considered. Many have raised concerns about the risks associated with underage driving and riding, emphasizing the need for strict adherence to legal age restrictions and safety measures.

Instances of underage driving on public roads have led to legal consequences, making the practice a matter of significant concern for law enforcement agencies. This case, however, highlights the importance of maintaining a secure and controlled environment for children to nurture their skills without endangering themselves or others.

The video has ignited a crucial debate on the balance between encouraging a child’s passion and ensuring their safety, prompting reflection on the role of guardians in cultivating responsible attitudes towards vehicles and road safety from an early age.

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