This Amul Macho ad is wrong on so many levels


So I was watching IPL the other day and this Amul Macho ad kept on coming every few minutes. This ad featuring Rashmika Mandhana and Vikky Kaushal is trying to promote their men’s underwear but instead promotes a whole lot of sexism, creepiness and outright

The ad starts with Rashmika as a Yoga instructor and Vikky as one of the participants. She begins by correcting the forms of trainees one of which is Vicky Kaushal. Since he is in an arms-stretched-upwards position his t-shirt is pulled upwards and underpants strips is visible. Rashmika is seen then delaying the count so she could keep Vicky in this position and gauge at his underwear.

In another Amul macho ad, she does the same by keeping the yoga mat on the top shelf so Vicky has to stretch upwards revealing his underwear. This video has a 60-40 like to dislike ratio which means many people don’t like this ad but the fact that this is allowed on national TV for children to see is mind-boggling.

Equality for me, not for thee

The plot of this ad has a person in a position of power sexually harassing their trainee in the workplace. This is of course alright with the Indian society as it is a man being sexually harassed by another female. Just for once try to imagine the uproar this would have caused if the genders are reversed.

Imagine the uproar if it was Vicky Kaunsal doing the same creepy tricks to Rashmika in order to see her undergarments!

Most modern-day feminists often forget that feminism should be about equal treatment of both males and females and not better treatment of females. Sexual harassment of men and any other problems where males are victims in the hand of women are often swept under the rug. While ads like this when a female is sexually harassing a male, it is taken as a funny joke and is allowed to play on national television.

The Amul Macho ad is detrimental to the work done by everyone in lifting India towards a more sexually knowledgeable and accepting society.

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