This Twitter user reveals the comedy of Government architecture letdowns


India, a nation on the rise, is witnessing unprecedented growth in its infrastructure sector. Roads, railways, and various other projects are receiving substantial investments aimed at transforming the country’s landscape.

However, amidst this wave of development, a disconcerting trend has emerged – a significant gap between the dazzling renders presented by architects and the often underwhelming final products. The Madhya Pradesh Index, a Twitter page dedicated to highlighting these discrepancies, has become a voice raising concerns about the aesthetic disparities in government projects. right now in the field of infrastructure. With thousands of roads, rail tracks, 

Architectural renders for government projects often showcase grandeur and modernity, promising citizens state-of-the-art facilities and visually striking structures. The visions presented for railway stations, airports, and other public spaces are designed to evoke a sense of pride and optimism. However, the ground reality seems to fall far short of these promises.

Amidst public disappointment and skepticism, The Madhya Pradesh Index has emerged as a significant player in holding authorities accountable. Through its Twitter page, this initiative sheds light on poorly executed projects, bringing attention to the discrepancies between the initial vision and the final outcome. By creating a platform for public discourse, The Madhya Pradesh Index fosters transparency and demands accountability from those responsible for overseeing these projects.

These are the Indian infrastructure projects that turned out to be laughably different than the renders: 



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