This video explains why Kante might be the best midfielder.


Ngolo Kante is probably the most loved football player in the world right now. The fact that is he is also mightily good is an added bonus for all the fans worldwide.

While we know he is great at what he does and his trophy cabinet proves it too, it is always nice to see it in data. This is what guys at DW Kick off have done in this video. The below video explains how Kante can be considered the best midfielder in the world.

Kante has had a monumental rise in world football. Just a few years ago he was playing in the 3rd division of French football in Boulogne. In 2013 he joined Caen where he helped them get promoted to Ligue 1. His industrious performance at Caen caught the eye of Leicester City who bought Kante in 2015.

His move to Leicester changed his life altogether. At Leicester, he was responsible for probably the most shocking league win in any top-flight football when Leicester won the Premier League in 2015-16. Although much of the limelight was shed on Vardy and Mahrez for their attacking prowess, it was Kante who did all the hard work in the midfield.

Chelsea saw this and promptly bought Kante for $35 million in 2016. At Chelsea, he was put under the lights and now everyone knew about Ngolo Kante. He was instrumental in Chelse’s success since 2016. At that time Kante has won everything with Chelsea. They have won 2 Premier League, 1 Champions League, 1 FA Cup, 1 EFL Cup, 1 Europa League and 1 UEFA Super Cup since Kante joined Chelsea.

Not just that but Kante also won probably the biggest football trophy the FIFA world cup with France in 2018. Kante also has won many personal accolades like the Best player award in Premier League. All of his coaches and opponents have only good things to say about Kante.

His Leicester coach Claudio Ranieri once said, “One day I’m going to see you cross the ball and then finish the cross with a header yourself.”.

The great Sir Alex Furguson labelled Kante as the best player in Premier League in 2016.

Kante’s work ethic can be exemplified by the meme, “70% of the earth is covered by water and the rest is covered by Ngolo Kante.”.

Kante might not be the most famous on Instagram but he is well known and respected by everyone who knows about football and that is far greater than the number of fans on social media.

Kante plays against Real Madrid at 8 pm EST, Wednesday, 6th April 2022. Against the same opponent Kante gave two back to back man of the match performances, controlling the trio of Kroos, Modric and Casimiro single handedley. Chelsea vs Real Madrid match could be another chance to claim his stake as the best midfielder of our generation.

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