This video has millions of likes but only 301 views


In the world of the internet, sometimes strange things happen that catch our attention and make us wonder. One such thing is a video on YouTube that has more likes than the number of people who have watched it. This doesn’t happen often, and it’s made people curious.

The video has been around for over ten years, and it has only 301 views. But the number of likes is much more than that. This strange situation has intrigued many people who use the internet and like to know how things work.

Reason behind 301 YouTube views

The video is about a problem that YouTube used to have. When a video reached 301 views, the count would freeze for a while. They fixed this problem in 2015, but the video remains frozen at 301 views. It seems like YouTube wants to keep this piece of its history alive and interesting.

This unusual story shows us how the internet has its own little mysteries and surprises. Even though the problem was fixed, this video’s special view count reminds us of how things used to be on YouTube. It’s a unique part of YouTube’s history that still captures people’s imaginations, showing us that even in the fast-changing world of the internet, some things can stay special and memorable.

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