This Website Explains How Trust Works and Why Cheaters Succeed


People seem to get more untrustworthy day by day and we can’t figure out why. Since the world has fewer deaths than before and people are living better with fewer diseases and wars, there should be more trust among each other but that is not the case.

This website

explains why the world is as it is. Why cheaters tend to win a lot and people who always cooperate lose the biggest. It gives an insight into how the math of trust works. Sure, life is not maths and doesn’t keep score. It doesn’t mean you lose when you choose to be kind and compassionate and get screwed because of it.

Through this, you can get an idea of different people living among us and how it affects the whole of society in communist and capitalist countries. How it’s not the system but the people following that system that drives the success or failure of the said system.

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