This Wild Stone Ad features a better song than most of Bollywood’s these days


The quality of songs is in great decline today. While there are still some very good singers in India, many others could not sing if their life depended on it. The less talked about the lyricists the better.

Songs like “main paani paani ho gayi, kanta laga, paani wala dance, lovely, and many others that would probably fill up this whole page, are painful to the ear and should be locked in some basement chamber for all of eternity. Another good tactic should be to use them as torture tactics on the India Pakistan border. Tony Kakkar playing on full blast would be a more effective way to scare off the enemies on LOC.

A new Wild Stone ad, or rather the song used in it was a breath of fresh air among the rotten industry of remixed and autotuned Bollywood songs. Just have a listen

The ad features the Mirzapur fame Ali Fazal and despite having no dialogues emotes everything that the ad wants to. The song used in this Wild Stone ad is called Nasha and is made by Amar Jala Group and Faridkot in 2019. It’s a really nice fun song to listen to primarily because the creators were having fun while making it. You can watch the whole song below.

We wish people like these were given opportunities in Bollywood movies instead of the current crop of musicians who create computer geenrated music. What are you thoughts on this. Do you agree with our perception of the music industry these days?

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