Thomas Tuchel back at Chelsea would be like two exes realising how good they had it


There is a mild chatter in the footballing alleys about Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s Champions League-winning manager getting back at Stamford Bridge. A report in the German Newspaper Bild states that Tuchel who is set to leave German giants Bayern Munich at the end of this season might be open to returning to London. 

The report states that Tuchel has ruled out a move to Barcelona as well as a move into an international managerial role. He is more keen to move to the Premier League. Teams like Manchester United however seem to be much more to his liking. The most successful club in England are in a free fall for years now and any plan to stop the rot has fallen flat on its face. 

Under Erik Ten Hag, Manchester United are currently at sixth in the Premier League which would look decent enough from afar. But the reality is that the Old Trafford residents have scored two goals less than they have conceded. With a goal difference of -2 United have just been clinging onto the sixth position not because they’re good but because the teams below them are incredibly bad. 

Manchester City vs Manchester United
Manchester City vs Manchester United

Manchester United or Chelsea: What would be Tuchel’s next destination

Things in the depressed half of Manchester are as bad as they could be. Just this gameweek, they were handed their backside by Manchester City who are flying at the top with 63 points in 27 matches. United’s bag for reference contains 44 points. Furthermore, United have lost 11 matches so far, that’s the joint most in the top 11 of the table. 

Sure, United have money but Tuchel would be looking at the track record of all the managers post Alex Ferguson who have arrived at Old Trafford breaming with confidence only to get lost in the dark alleys of managerial screw-ups. 

At Chelsea, Tuchel would have the advantage of predictability. He has managed the club to a Champions League trophy and has a strong fans support, so it’s not at all a far-reaching thought for him to return. However, given how bad things went at the end of his tenure at Chelsea he might be unwilling to take the same path again. 

At this point, these are just rumours but given how football transfers have turned out in the past, it is certainly not impossible for the German to make another appearance at the home dugout at Stamford Bridge. 

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