Triumph, Harley Davidson ready to burst Royal Enfield’s bubble


For years, Royal Enfield has reigned supreme in the Indian motorcycle market when it comes to bikes with a 350+ cc capacity. It has faced numerous challengers, but time and time again, competitors have fallen short in their attempts to unseat the mighty Royal Enfield. Companies like Bajaj, Hero, Honda, Suzuki, and others have all tried their hand at producing classic-looking motorcycles to challenge the iconic Classic 350, only to meet with disappointment.

However, a recent development in the Indian motorcycle industry suggests that Royal Enfield may finally have a worthy challenger on its hands. Brands like Triumph and Harley Davidson have forged partnerships with Indian competitors, Bajaj and Hero, to launch motorcycles in the 350+ cc segment. The Triumph Speed 400 and Harley Davidson X440 have emerged as strong competitors to Royal Enfield, winning over Indian motorcycle enthusiasts.

The only advantage currently in Royal Enfield’s favor is its production capacity. If Harley, in collaboration with Hero, and Triumph, in partnership with Bajaj, can successfully scale up their production, we may witness a decline in Royal Enfield’s dominant market share.

Will Himalayan 450 be a success?

Scrambler 400X vs Himalayan 450
Scrambler 400X vs Himalayan 450

Royal Enfield, aware of the intensifying competition, is preparing to launch the Himalayan 450, an updated version of the Himalayan 411. With a larger engine and enhanced refinement, Royal Enfield aims to build on its previous success. However, just a month before the Himalayan 450’s scheduled launch on November 7th, Triumph has already introduced the Scrambler 400X.

While the Scrambler 400X may not be a direct competitor to Royal Enfield, it is priced at Rs 2,62000, positioning it in the same price range that Royal Enfield traditionally targets. Triumph’s offering boasts quality and power, which may sway potential buyers. This sets the stage for an intriguing showdown between the Scrambler 400X and the upcoming Himalayan 450.

The competition in the 350+ cc motorcycle segment is heating up, and Royal Enfield’s supremacy is facing its strongest challenge yet. Buyers now have more options to choose from, and the quality and performance of these new contenders could influence their decisions.

Interesting times ahead

Royal Enfield has a rich legacy and a loyal customer base, but the arrival of strong competitors is a wake-up call. The Himalayan 450 represents Royal Enfield’s response to the evolving market dynamics. It remains to be seen how this iconic Indian brand adapts to the changing landscape and how consumers respond to the new choices at their disposal.

As the battle for dominance in the 350+ cc motorcycle market unfolds, it’s a thrilling time for motorcycle enthusiasts, with several exciting options to consider and an evolving landscape that may redefine the balance of power in the industry.

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