TVS Ntorq is the new KTM for chhapris


On the busy streets of India, there’s a big issue with people riding their bikes and scooters in a dangerous way. One of the big problems is with the KTM bikes. These bikes are famous for being very powerful and fast, which lots of young people like. A lot of young riders, high on their teenage stupidity ride too rashly on public roads. This causes accidents and has made the KTM brand off-putting for a lot of serious riders. 

You can find videos on social media that show how these fast KTM riders cause problems on the roads. Because of this, many people don’t want to be associated with the KTM bikes anymore.

Now, there’s another type of scooter called TVS Ntorq. It’s becoming popular, especially because it’s not as expensive as the KTM bikes. Ntorq’s accessibility, its thumpy exhaust note, and its power have become enticing for rash, young riders who have taken it as a default tool for rash riding. 

Here’s one Ntorq rash driver in the wild:

Ntorq is the new KTM
byu/SocratesOGisback inindianbikes

What needs to be done to stop rash riding in India? 

But it’s not just about bikes and scooters. It’s about everyone being safe and careful when they are driving. The government needs to be stricter on catching rash drivers on the road and punishing their parents if found underage. 

The government can also make sure that there are strict rules for people who don’t drive safely. They can have programs to teach people how to ride safely and make sure that everyone follows the rules.

But the most important thing is for everyone to understand that being safe on the roads is very important. We need to remember that the roads are for everyone, and we all need to be careful and look out for each other. If we work together, we can make the roads a safer place for everyone.

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