Ugliest Motorcycles Currently on Sale in India


Motorcycles were intended to be mere tools for transportation but humans are very emotional beings and soon these tools turned into expressions. Manufacturers started to shape motorcycles in such ways that they expressed speed, looked beautiful and brought out emotions from onlookers. Motorcycles like the Ducati 916, MV Agusta F3, Brutale RR, and many others have attained the status of art such is their beauty to anyone who beholds them. Indian motorcycling industry is also filled with motorcycles that look very good but there are quite a few that look downright ugly. Let’s look at the ugliest looking motorcycles currently on sale in India.

Suzuki Intruder 150

Intruder 150 vs Intruder 1800

The only word that comes to my mind when I see this motorcycle on the road is, “why”! I wonder why would a motorcycle brand with years and years of experience make such an abomination. I also wonder, why would a person go ahead and actually pay their hard-earned money for this.

Is it a motorcycle? Is it a scooter?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not someone who opposes experimentation. I am actually an ardent believer in trying new things and coming out with weird designs. This however is not a brave design, it’s a cheap trick to steal sales from Bajaj Avenger and Royal Enfield Thunderbird without putting any thought into the design and just blatantly miniaturising the Suzuki Intruder 1800.

As a result the Intruder 150 only looks good when it’s not in your eyesight and is probably the ugliest looking motorcycle that you can buy in India right now.

Hero Xtreme 200S

That front end could bore someone to death

Hero is trying to match others in the above 150cc category and is failing miserably. Their 100cc sales and over-150cc sales are in stark contrast to one another. When it comes to their CBZ or Extreme brand, Hero has looked like a lost kid at a fair. They have launched so many Xtreme branded motorcycles that I have lost track of it all.

While the Hero Xtreme 200s does not look all that bad from other angles, it is the front end that I cannot let slide. It looks like the designers designed the motorcycle from the back and as they reached the front their deadline ended and they stacked a light and called it a day. It looks boring, plain and uninspiring.

Bajaj Platina 100


Bajaj Platina has to be one of the oddest looking motorcycles currently being sold in the country. The fact that it sells in huge numbers only makes it worse. Platina’s proportions are all over the place. The back that extends a mile from the rear tyre is a recipe for an unstable front end.

The Bajaj Platina is so bad looking that even Bajaj CT 100 looks good in front of it. The Bajaj Platina bravely challenged the might Splendor in sales but it is nowhere as characterful as the Splendor Pro. It is to me one of the ugliest looking motorcycles that you buy in India right now.

Yamaha FZ X

Reality vs Expectations

We were supposed to get the Yamaha XSR 155 but instead, we got this abomination. A mish-mash of FZ parts given a bad makeup got us this confusing motorcycle that does not know what it is. The Yamaha FZ-X needs to go to the Himalayas, sit with the monks and figure out what it wants from life.

The Yamaha FZ X is a lame attempt at monetising that classic motorcycle fever that everyone in the country seems to be stuck with. I hope it would look better in person but it just does not do anything for me. With FZ-X we were robbed of what could have been the best-looking motorcycle in its class in XSR 155 and I cannot forgive Yamaha for that.

Hero Super Splendor

Slim and long, like a bicycle

Hero has been trying way too hard to copy Splendor’s success to other motorcycles but cannot. They have tried to turn it into a classic motorcycle with Splendor Pro Classic but failed. They have also tried to give it more power and modernise looks in Super Splendor but it has not worked as well. Super Splendor remains to be an unsuccessful Hero motorcycle despite them doing very well in the 100 odd CC segment. Much of the blame goes to Super Splendor’s styling. In order to look big, it has made some very bad design choices that make it meh.

The Super Splendor is a mish-mash of Passion, Glamour and HF Deluxe. As a result, it does not have an identity of its own and is among the blandest motorcycles in the country.

The above 5 are the ugliest looking motorcycles in the country at the moment. Sure they could be very good to ride but you’d have to keep on riding on and on because once you stop, you’d have to get off and look at it!

Do you agree with this list? If you have any others to add, feel free to comment below!

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