Ukrainian soldiers enact Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic ‘siuu’ celebration while operating CAESAR self-propelled howitzer


A video capturing the vibrant spirit and camaraderie among Ukrainian soldiers has taken the internet by storm. The footage showcases two soldiers operating a CAESAR self-propelled howitzer while jubilantly celebrating with Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic “Siuuu” gesture. The video, which has gone viral on various social media platforms, serves as a powerful reminder of the indomitable spirit and unity that soldiers exhibit, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Let’s delve into this captivating video and explore the significance behind its widespread popularity.

In the video, two Ukrainian soldiers, amidst their operation of a CAESAR self-propelled howitzer, take a brief moment to celebrate and express their unwavering enthusiasm for football. As they fire the howitzer and fulfill their military responsibilities, their synchronized “Siiu” celebration, popularized by football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, demonstrates the soldiers’ ability to find moments of joy and unity amidst their rigorous duties.

Here’s the video:

The viral video encapsulates the resilient spirit of Ukrainian soldiers, who face ongoing challenges and conflicts while defending their country. By celebrating together with the “Sii” gesture, the soldiers exemplify the strength of unity and brotherhood that exists among them. It serves as a testament to their unwavering determination and the indomitable spirit that fuels them even in the most arduous of circumstances.

Siuuu has deserted Ronaldo these days

While the Ukrainian soldiers seem to enjoy even during hardships, not the same can be said about Cristiano Ronaldo. The 5 time Ballon d’Or winner moved to Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr last year for a heavy paycheck. Thought to bring about a massive change in Saudi Arabian football culture, Ronaldo is but yet to achieve all that.

In the first season, Ronaldo failed to take his new club to the Saudi League triumph. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say Ronaldo’s transfer hasn’t gone the way everyone had hoped it would. It has however paved the way for other footballers to move into the Saudi League. So far, players like Karim Benzema, Ngolo Kante, Ruben Neves, Hakim Ziyech, and others have moved to the Saudi League.

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