Upcoming Royal Enfield Motorcycles 2021


Royal Enfield has been on an upsurge as a company for the past couple of years. They have a 95% share in the 250-500 cc segment in the country and their production is at an all-time high. It has become the most searched motorcycle brand in India and to convert that popularity into money, the company has planned to launch a new motorcycle every 3 months for the next 5 years. Here is a list of upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycles launching in the next 2 years.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 350

Royal Enfield Interceptor 350

Interceptor 650 has been a huge success not just in India but in the whole world. Bikers in the west seem to be immensely surprised at the motorcycle given how inexpensive it is. Most of their surprise stems from the fact that it is not a cheap little motorcycle made by cutting corners, but a very well made one. The Interceptor 650 has become one of the best selling motorcycles in the UK. Looking at the success of that motorcycle Royal Enfield has decided to launch a “lite” version of it. Seen being test ridden near Chennai, this new bike looks exactly like the bigger sibling but with a single exhaust.

This means the motorcycle would have the newest 350 CC engine that powers the Meteor 350. It should be in the same price range as the Meteor 350

Expected Price: Rs 2 Lakhs

Expected Launch: Mid 2021

Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser

Another motorcycle that’s being tested by the company is a twin-cylinder engine Cruiser. Seen on multiple occasions being tested around on public roads, this bike looks like a cruiser with the 650 parallel twin from the Interceptor 650. Of course, there would be some changes to the engine according to the characteristic of a cruiser motorcycle, but the base plant would be the same. The Indian market is in a dire need of an inexpensive cruiser motorcycle after the departure of Harley Davidson from the country. This bike could have mounted a challenge for the Hanrely Street 750, but that motorcycle doesn’t exist now which make sailing even smoother for Royal Enfield. For now, this is undoubtedly the hottest upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycle.

Expected Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh

Expected Launch: Early 2022

Royal Enfield Hunter 350

There was one more motorcycle being tested with the Meteor 350. It looks like a smaller version of a scrambler. There is no news about the engine capacity but it’s certain to come with the J series 350 CC engine from Meteor and Classic 350. This motorcycle is aimed at the Modern Retro niche which Honda 350 RS befalls into.

The Hunter 350 is aimed at snatching sales from Bajaj and KTM as it would entice Pulsar and Duke users given the modern retro style is in demand these days.

Expected Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh

Expected Launch: Late 2021

Royal Enfield Himalayan 650

Mr Manpreet Singh aka Gola Bhai with his creation, the Himalayan twin

Himalayan is a great motorcycle. It has won accolades all around the world but more so the hearts of many long-distance riders. It’s a purpose-made motorcycle that gets the job done without any hassle and low maintenance. The only gripe that owners have with this motorcycle is its power on open highways. The meagre 24.8 bhp falls short of what’s needed for maintaining a cruising speed over 100kmph. Ever since Royal Enfield has launched the Interceptor 650, people have been waiting for them to bring that engine to the Himalayan, but for some reason, it hasn’t been done yet. The biggest issue must be the weight of the engine but there must certainly be some workaround that the company should be working on. A Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 is inevitable given its demand in the market.

Meanwhile, a guy in Patiala has gone ahead and put a 400 CC twin cylinder from Suzuki GS 400E into his Himalayan and it’s a blast to ride.

Expected Price: Rs 3.5 Lakh

Expected Launch: Late 2022

Royal Enfield Classic 350 with new engine

Royal Enfield Meteor 350’s engine has been in the news for all the right reasons. It revs higher, it’s efficient but most importantly it is vibration-free, something that has plagued Royal Enfield motorcycles for ages. Most often it’s passed off as “character” but we all know what it is. If your motorcycle starts shaking sideways the moment you reach 60kmph then certainly there is something wrong with it. Royal Enfield knows this and has been working on a newer engine for quite some time. They have gone ahead and finally made an engine that’s smooth-er than the ones in Classic 350. It is just a matter of time before the new engine is put into the Classic 350 given how the company has planned on launching a motorcycle every 3 months.

Expected Price: Rs 1.7 Lakh

Expected Launch: 2021

Since it has planned on launching a new bike every quarter, there would certainly be more upcoming Royal Enfield motorcycles than the ones listed here. These are just the ones that are known so far. It is going to be quite an eventful year for Royal Enfield fans and motorcycle enthusiasts in general.

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