Vikas Dubey Killed, Police Milking the Same Plot for Each Encounter?


Vikas Dubey, the gangster who killed 8 policemen in Kanpur has been killed by the UP police. The series of events is as follows.

3 July 2020: Vikas Dubey open fires on policemen who were at his house to arrest him. Kills 8 policemen.

4 July 2020: Vikas Dubey was seen on CCTV in a Hotel in Faridabad. Police raged his house.

5 July 2020: His close aide was captured who gave 3 policemen’s name who had informed Dubey of their arrival. All 3 suspended and arrested.

6-7 July 2020: Search continues

8 July 2020: Amar Dubey, right-hand man of Vikas Dubey killed in encounter. Police arrest his family members.

9 July 2020: Vikas Dubey surrenders in Ujjain, MP outside Mahakaal Temple. Prabhat Mishara, who was arrested from Faridabad was shot dead at the same place where Dubey was later killed.

10 July 2020: Vikas Dubey was shot dead while being moved from Ujjain to Kanpur.

The police say that while he was being taken to Kanpur, the car flipped at one point and he tried to flee away with policeman’s gun. The police tried to capture him but he fired back at them. This is when they shot him.

In the tweet below you can see the injured policemen who were supposedly injured in the shootout.

In the video below, however, you can watch, police stopping media from following the police convoy which was carrying Vikas Dubey. A policeman can be seen wearing bandage even before the encounter took place.

In this video, Vikas Dubey can be seen in Tata Safari car going through a toll booth just before the encounter took place. The car that was claimed to be carrying Vikas Dubey, the one that was involved in the accident, however, is Mahindra TUV 300.

All this seems like a movie plot where the cops were full of vengeance after the murder of their colleagues and wanted to do the same to the gangster. Why would a criminal who had surrendered himself run away with policeman’s gun? Why would the media be stopped before the encounter? How can two people involved in the shooting be killed at the same spot on different days? The change of the car in the story? The sequence of events all points to it being a planned encounter and media being stopped before the shooting almost confirms it.

Vikas Dubey did not deserve to live after killing 8 policemen but the manner of his demise not only tarnishes the credibility of police but also brings an air of relief for many politicians involved with this criminal. With no Vikas Dubey, there is nothing for them to be afraid of and there will be business as usual from today onwards.

Dead men tell no tales

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