Watch – 12 Year old shows brilliant presence of mind, locks leopard inside office


12-year-old Mohit Ahire from Malegaon, Maharashtra, narrowly avoided a dangerous encounter with a leopard, showcasing remarkable composure during the ordeal. According to a report by Times of India (TOI), Ahire, the son of a wedding hall security guard, found himself face to face with the wild animal while engrossed in his phone. A video of the incident circulated on social media, leaving viewers astonished.

In the viral video, Ahire can be seen sitting in a room when the leopard casually strolls in, seemingly unaware of the boy’s presence. Ahire, however, remained calm, swiftly putting down his phone and quietly exiting the room, ensuring to close the door behind him.

Here’s the video of 12-year old locking a wandering leopard in the office: 

Describing the intense moment, Ahire told TOI, “The leopard was so close. There was hardly any space between the leopard and me. It walked into the inner cabin of the office right in front of me. I was scared, but I quietly got off the bench and sneaked out of the office. I closed the door behind me.”

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Anil Pawar, the owner of the wedding hall, provided further details, stating, “The dimensions of the booking office are 22ft × 10ft. We have created two compartments in the office. Mohit Ahire was seated in the first compartment near the entrance. The leopard headed straight into the inner cabin without noticing the boy. When the child saw the animal walk past barely a foot away from him – he stayed calm. He later sneaked out of the office and pulled the door behind him.”

Pawar also disclosed that the leopard had been sighted earlier, prompting a search effort by police and forest officials. Upon learning how Ahire managed to confine the leopard in the office, Pawar promptly alerted the authorities.

Vaibhav Hiray, the forest officer of Malegaon range, informed TOI, “Our personnel were in the neighbourhood when the boy trapped the leopard in the wedding hall’s office. We immediately called a team from Nashik city. Later, the five-year-old male leopard was tranquilised and rescued.”

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