Watch a Motorcycle Destroy Supercars in a Drag Race


Time and time again motorcycles have proven that there is no way to go faster on road in a straight line than on two wheels. Superbikes offer power to weight ratio unmatched by any other vehicles in the world, which is why often we get to see motorcycles outperform supercars that cost crores of Rupees.

In a similar video, a BMW S1000RR is seen outperforming Ferraris, Teslas and other supercars in a drag race. The video was uploaded by Bike World, a very popular motorcycle channWatch a Motorcycle Spank Supercars in Drag Raceel on YouTube. The S1000RR ridden by Chris could be seen as optimistic at first given, probably the cost of the supercars. He was soon affirmed by beating a track focussed Ferrari 458 Speciale, one of the best looking modern Ferraris. He then defeats a Tesla Model S, which has proven to be one of the quickest cars off the line completing 100Km/h in around 2.3 seconds.

BMW S1000RR is one of the best little class bikes currently on sale. It produces 206PS of power along with 113 Nm of torques. It weighs only 197Kg which gives it the power to weight ratio of more than 1. For comparison, a Ferrari 458 Speciale has 605Hp and weighs 1395Kgs giving it a power to weight ratio of 0.43 which is great by car standards but is blown out of water when compared to Superbikes.

Next time someone says, cars are faster than motorcycles, show them this video!

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