Watch an Africa Twin Ridden like You’ve Never Seen Before


Many argue that motorcycling is a dangerous way to travel and should never be done given the number of accidents and deaths associated with it. Many however are also not content with the default amount of danger that it comes with and are looking for ways to make motorcycling even more challenging! In this age of automation, many feel, riding a motorcycle is truly an endeavour, one where you are not shackled by a roof, four wheels, door etc. They continue pushing the boundaries of motorcycling. This pursuit has taken people way far from the tarmac and into the woods wherein there are no roads to ride on. People go to crazy lengths to test the limit of the motorcycle as well as themselves in the pursuit of adventure.

The below video is probably one of the most amazing motorcycling videos on the internet where the rider seems to have outgrown the limits of the motorcycle. Have a look at it for yourselves.

Who’s Tony Bou?

Tony Bou or Antoni Bou is a Spanish motorcycle trials rider. He was the outdoor and indoor FIM Trial World Champions from 2007 to 2020. With 28 world Championships, he is the most successful trials rider in history. In this video, he is riding a Honda Africa Twin 1100. This adventure motorcycle produces 100 PS of power with 103 NM of torque. Despite weighing 230 kgs and having all that power on tap, Toni is able to make a mockery of it. He does stunts that are hard to perform on a bike half its weight.

How is he able to do all that?

Tony is a master of the art of motorcycling. If this looks easy to anyone, it is because he is making it look easy. 99% of the riders would fail to pull the first slide. Forget about the rest! Whatever Tony Mou is doing in this video is incredibly tough. He is able to do all that because he has practised all his life and is the best at what he does. There is no way anyone else would be able to pull stunts as clearly as him.

The fact that he is doing it on a highway tourer is even more impressive. The bikes like 1250GS, Africa Twin, Tiger 1200 and Multistrada are considered very heavy bikes and are not considered ideal bikes for this kind of stuff. Tony Mou however makes it feel like a puny 100CC motorcycle in the way that he manhandles it.

If you ever start to feel you’ve mastered your motorcycle please refer to this video and think again!

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