Watch and enjoy Stuart Broad dismissing David Warner a RECORD 17 times in Tests


In the high-intensity arena of Test cricket, certain rivalries emerge that captivate fans and become a defining narrative of the sport. One such gripping contest is the ongoing battle between England’s Stuart Broad and Australia’s David Warner. Over the years, Broad has displayed an uncanny ability to dismantle Warner’s defenses, and the statistics speak for themselves. With a staggering 17 dismissals to his name, Broad has become Warner’s perennial tormentor in the longest format of the game.

The saga began back in 2013 when Broad struck early in Durham, dismissing Warner by hitting the top of off stump. Since then, their encounters have spanned across various venues, each encounter adding another chapter to their enthralling duel.

The recent third Test at Edgbaston witnessed Broad once again dominating Warner. In the first innings, Warner succumbed to a wide tempter, attempting a forceful drive only to drag the ball back onto his stumps. Edgbaston erupted in celebration as Warner threw his head back in disbelief. The following innings saw Warner’s woes continue, as he edged a delivery to second slip, where Crawley completed a sharp catch. Broad’s tally against Warner surged to an astonishing 17 dismissals.

To encapsulate the intensity and drama of this captivating rivalry, a social media user has compiled a video showcasing all 17 dismissals. The video highlights the skills and strategies employed by Broad to dismantle Warner’s batting. From precise seam movement to extracting the edge, Broad’s versatility as a fast bowler is on full display. The footage captures the ebb and flow of their battles, showcasing the fierce competition and the unyielding determination of both players.

Here’s the video: 

Stuart Broad’s domination over David Warner in Test cricket is a testament to his skill, persistence, and ability to exploit the weaknesses of one of Australia’s finest openers. With 17 dismissals against Warner, Broad has etched his name in the annals of cricketing history. The video compilation provides a vivid account of their captivating encounters, serving as a reminder of the thrilling battles that unfold between these two talented athletes. As long as these two cricketing giants continue to face each other on the field, fans can expect fireworks and an enthralling contest that showcases the true spirit of the game.

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