Watch: Bystanders cheer London Marathon runner for finishing last, know the incredible story behind


In a viral video doing the rounds of social media, bystanders at the London Marathon could be seen cheering for a finisher not for leading the pack but for coming last. Yes, you read that right!

Tom Durnin took 8 hours and 10 minutes to complete the London Marathon and became an unexpected hero as images and videos of his finish went viral on social media.

Watch people cheering London Marathon runner for coming last: 

London Marathon 2023 final finisher cheered across the finish line
by u/WelshBathBoy in MadeMeSmile

Incredible story behind

Tom Durnin, also known as Mav, had never run more than 7k before participating in the London Marathon. Despite little preparation and only having pledges of £600, he promised the marathon organizers he would raise more after the event. After finishing as the final runner, his picture on the London Marathon Facebook page went viral, and donations began flooding in. By the next day, his Go Fund Me page had reached an astonishing £7,830 for Freddie’s Future and the Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT), with donations coming in from all over the world.

Mav, a transport manager for Smiths of Bloxham, described himself as “wiped out” and explained that he was inspired to participate after his sister ran the London Marathon a few years ago. His run was dedicated to Freddie Croft, a Bodicote boy with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive bone cancer. An appeal for runners for the marathon went out in January to help Freddie’s fundraising effort for the BCRT.

Completed Marathon just months after being in hospital

Mav’s run was particularly impressive given that he had spent a week in the hospital before Christmas with a bleed on the brain and a broken arm following an accident. He completed the run in 8 hours, 10 minutes, and 58 seconds, despite experiencing pain in his ankles, knees, and both groins. However, Mav was determined to finish and was helped along the way by children lining the streets who fed him sweets, adult spectators, and other runners who shared their refreshments.

After mile ten, an old injury became a problem, and from there, Mav experienced pain all the way to the finish. However, at mile 19, his partner and daughter were there to cheer him on, and at mile 21, he thought he couldn’t continue. One of the marathon organizers accompanied him for the final three miles and called ahead to ensure the finish line was kept open.

Mav’s story touched the hearts of people around the world, and his Just Giving page received widespread attention on social media platforms like Twitter, Lad Bible, YouTube, and Facebook. People messaged him from everywhere, and the money kept coming in for Freddie’s Future and the BCRT. Mav’s dedication to the cause and his determination to finish the London Marathon have inspired many, and his achievement is a testament to the power of human perseverance and kindness.

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