Watch headlight leveling demonstrated in a simple manner


The Indian automobile sector is growing at an unprecedented scale. Despite inflation and fuel price hike, people are buying cars like oxygen tanks during COVID. The reasons for it are manyfold but the biggest is the financial support from the bank that allows cars to be bought with EMIs. Buying a car has become an achievable reality and not some far fetched dreamlike in the past.

The increased number of car users has also given rise to automobile reviewers on YouTube. One such YouTube is Gagan Choudhary who reviews all sorts of cars and motorcycles on his channel by the same name. He is one of those YouTubers that I genuinely like and follow for his normal approach to car reviews.

I have come to like him more than other channels that force too much loud EDM into their car reviews (looking at you Powerdrift).

Gagan also does informative videos from time to time where he explains the different functionalities or features of cars. One such video is one in which he explains different types of headlight leveling in cars.

What does headlight leveling mean?

Headlight levelling is exactly what it sounds like. Headlight leveling is the functionality of adjusting the height of lights coming from the headlights of a vehicle. This is done so as to avoid blinding oncoming vehicles from the lights of your car.

The process of headlight levelling is very simple. There is a knob on the inside of the car which adjusts the headlight assembly or the individual lights in up and down manner so their throw can be adjusted similarly. This is used when the car is loaded on the back and the front is raised up as a result of it. In this case, even if the headlight is in low beam, it could rise up to the oncoming vehicle driver’s eye level and make them difficult to see.

In this particular video, he explains different types of headlight leveling technology being used in cars. In the case of the Renault Kiger, it has a manual headlight leveling function which allows the driver to manually move the headlight unit up and down to achieve this function.

In the case of Kia Carnival, the headlight leveling function is done electronically through motors which are controlled by a dial on the inside. The Audi A4 on the other hand offers an automatic headlight leveling feature that senses the load on the rear tyres and adjusts the level of light coming from the headlights on its own.

I would highly recommend Gagan Choudhary’s channel to every automotive enthusiast or anyone who wants to get some knowledge of cars. His reviews are on the point and worded very clearly. He also seems like a nice guy which helps you connect to his videos more.

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