Watch Myanmar Military Coup Take Place While a Girl Dances in the Foreground


Myanmar has been taken over by it’s military in a coup of that has reversed the democratic rule in the country. The military called foul in last year’s election that the National League for Democracy won by a landslide (won 83% seats). It accused the government of election fraud but did not show any proof of the said malpractice. Since all of the physical power lies with the military, they have taken over the country and detained many democratically elected ministers.

A new video uploaded by Khing Hnin Wai on her Facebook, the Mynamar military could be seen arriving at the parliament with their armoured vehicles for detaining ministers and taking control of the country, while she does aerobics to a pop song in the foreground.

The video captures the essence of the past few years in quite a dystopian manner. Not even Black Mirror could match this postmodern absurdity unfold in real life. It seems like more dire and dire things are happening in real-world that fiction seems too tame in comparison. Imagin this video being played in a classroom while teaching kids about the History of Mynamar. This video is also begging to be turned into a meme fest with her dancing in the foreground while historical clips are played in the background.

As far as the fate of Myanmar is concerned, things are not looking good at the moment. The military has engraved itself very deep into the political power of the country after 48 years of rule. It would take a lot of time and courage from the general public to throw them out of the parliament and put elected civilians in there.

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