Watching Antonio Conte Celebrate With His Players Warms My Heart


Antonio Conte, probably the most energetic coach of recent times is doing his thing in the Seria A at the moment. The Inter Milan team is currently sitting at the top of the Seria A league table having swept aside competition in Juventus, Milan, Napoli and others. Last night he was seen running the entirety of the pitch to celebrate with the team after Darmian scored the winning goal for them. This brought me back to the good old days when he was Chelsea’s manager. His celebrations on the touchline were so emphatic that many people watched Chelsea’s game to only see Conte. While many modern coaches try to be serious on the touchline, Conte was like a mad dog off of his lease. He celebrated Chelsea’s goals more than the players who scored them, such was his passion for the game.

Astonishing Chelsea Career

His first year at Chelsea would probably be the best debut season of any manager in the Premier League. For starters, he took a mid-table Chelsea team to the top of the table breaking many records in the process. He set a new consecutive league victories record for the club with 11 wins. Chelsea also equalled the premier league record for most consecutive wins (13), with Arsenal. Conte also became the first manager to win 3 consecutive Premier League manager of the month award. Conte ended the first season with the most wins a single season with 30 victories out of 38 league matches. To have achieved this much in just one season is an astonishing feat something that many managers cannot manage in their lifetime.

His Chelsea career ended with a very sour note as is the case with all Chelsea managers when he was fired in his second season after falling out with some players. He walked with his head held high after breaking all sorts of records with the club. Chelsea fans still remember him fondly for his celebrations and passion that no other manager seems to portray in the modern game.

Conte is currently managing Inter Milan who sit comfortably at the top of the Seria A table with 23 wins in 30 games and 74 points. They would easily win the league from this point as the second-placed Milan has just 63 points and Juventus has 62 points. Having galvanised players who were outcast from other teams into league winners is something that Conte has done time and time again. First with Juventus when he took them from 7th to league title and then with Chelsea, Conte has shown that his passion for the game is contagious. Inter Milan were just a shadow of their former self, but Conte has put them where they rightfully belong. With a league win and some additions to the squad, they could certainly challenge for the Champions League next year.

Watching Conte run onto the pitch to celebrate with his players warms the hearts of every football players who would die to have players and managers with the same passion at their own club. Conte is a breath of fresh air among modern-day coaches for whom managing payers is just a job and nothing else. His passion drivers everyone around him to a higher level, isn’t that a team sport is all about?

Don Conte is still running down the pitch to hug his payers. Everything will be alright!

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