We’re Doomed, the Machines Will Win Every Dance Battle Now


Boston Dynamics the company behind Spot, the robot dog is at it again. This time it has programmed its robots to dance on “Do you love me” by The Contours. Watch the video below.

As far as I can tell it’s not CGI as the company has not put any disclaimers saying this. Implications of a CGI video by a company selling robots without a disclaimer would be grave, which is why I think it’s all programmed. Which still is slightly unnerving to watch. The video features three of its robots, namely Atlas, the humanoid robot, Spot, the robot dog, and Handle, a box moving robot. Some people on the internet were visibly awed by Boston Dynamic’s advancement throughout the year but most were a little cautious of these new robots.

Most of the fear stems from the movies and sci-fi novels that we’ve seen. We are also very afraid of looking at these technologies as we’ve seen how we have turned every new invention, that was supposed to be helpful, into a weapon. It seems cute and humanizing with the music but personally, I’m getting more scared the more I see these robots. A time when these robots are used as “security bots” or “mob control bots” does not seem very distant now. In a time when the elite class is obsessed with power and control, these bots could turn out to be a real issue for the world.

Some people were understandably scared of these robots

Whatever the future be, it is certain that these robots will detsroy the human counterparts in a dance battle, with moves like that.

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