What is Green Firecracker and does it even work?


India has been engulfed in the yearly bad air quality loop that has shaken up the entirety of the public and political landscape in the country for a few months. Of course, after February everyone forgets about it as if nothing really happened. This time, AQI in Delhi has gone to 999 in some places, something that is apocalyptic to experience. 

Concerns about pollution have led to a new kind of firecracker called ‘green crackers.’ These are made to be less harmful to the environment and cause less air pollution, according to experts. The CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR NEERI) says green crackers are smaller in size, don’t leave behind ash, and have special stuff in them to make less smoke and dust. They don’t have a chemical called barium, which makes crackers green but also makes air and noise pollution.

How to identify Green crackers?

To find green crackers in India, look for the CSIR NEERI logo on the package. There are three kinds of green crackers: SWAS (Safe Water Releaser), STAR (Safe Thermite Cracker), and SAFAL (Safe Minimal Aluminium). These crackers make 30% less smoke than normal ones. When they burst, they let out water vapor that helps settle down the dust. They also make less noise, around 110 to 125 loudness, compared to regular crackers, which make about 160 loudness.

Cities like Delhi and Mumbai have been dealing with bad air quality, with Delhi’s air getting really dirty in November. It reached a dangerous level of 999. To help with this, the government has said no to regular firecrackers but yes to green ones. This is a good step to celebrate while taking care of our environment and health. Using green crackers is a responsible way to enjoy festivals while keeping the air clean and safe for everyone. It’s important for all of us to work together to protect our planet and make it better for the future.

Where to buy Green crackers in India? 

Green firecrackers are sold in general stores around the country. You can get these crackers in the same place as you get other crackers. You just have to make sure to check if it has CSIR NEERI logo on it. 

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