What would be the fate of Google Pixel 6a in India?


Google recently announced the date for its next I/O which will be held on 11-12 May. Google usually announces the latest Android version as well as a new device with it every year on I/O. This year that device seems to be the Google Pixel 6A.

With the announcement of the I/O date came a flurry of “reports” about Pixel 6A’s launch. I believe these reports are often leaked by the company, Google in this case, to create hype around a device. We, humans, are weird creatures. We find leaked pictures and spy shots more intriguing and fascinating than official announcements, which is why these tech companies have resorted to this type of leaking strategy.

An alleged Pixel 6A box has also been leaked with a picture of Google PIxel 6a on top. The device looks like PIxel 6 and suggests a unification of design among all Pixel phones.

Will Pixel 6a be coming to India?

Google has launched a new device in India after the Pixel 4a. The likes of Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have given a miss to our country and we should expect the same from Pixel 6a in India as well.

Alleged Pixel 6a box as shown on GSMarena

This is because Google is a very different company from the likes of Apple and Samsung. While those companies earn from selling hardware, Google’s main focus is software.

Google makes Pixel phones only because it wants to show the world what its Android operating system on good hardware can do. The Pixel phones are nothing but advertising for Google.

It does not need to sell this phone to everyone for people to know how good the Pure Android experience is on Pixel phones. Google just needs to sell their Pixel phones in developed and small developing countries so that it is reviewed by thousands of YouTubers and the world comes to know about their product.

Even if Google tried it cannot meet the demands from India which is why it gives our country a miss. Customer’s in India and other countries often look at the reviews of Pixel phones and salivate at the prospect of buying one but this never comes to fruition.

Google Pixel 5a is a great phone and I wanted to buy one too but despite waiting for months, it was never launched in India. I moved onto another phone and am more than happy with it. Expect the same treatment in India for the launch of Pixel 6a in India as well.

The Pixel 6a is expected to launch in July in most markets. As far as the Pixel 6a launch in India is considered, I don’t think it would be launched here. If you’re looking for a mid-range phone with good software experience then Samsung A 52 and 53 are your only choices at the moment as Samsung comes with more than 3 years of assured Android updates and 5 years of security updates, even more than Google.

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