Which Is the Biggest Rivalry in the IPL?

The sport began when a caveman said to the other, “I can reach there before you” or something along the lines of “I’m stronger than you, fight me”. No wonder wrestling and running is considered to be the oldest sports. Cave paintings found in the Lascaux caves in France appear to depict sprinting and wrestling in the upper palaeolithic around 15,300 years ago. When it comes to modern team sports, Cricket certainly is seen in high regard as being one of the oldest. The popularity of cricket rose after theatres were banned in 1642 in England. After more than 3 centuries, Cricket has become the second most followed sport with over 2.5 billion fans around the world.

Cricket has changed dramatically over those 3 centuries. From underarm bowling to now being the fourth most profitable league in the world with $6.3 billion, cricket has seen a huge turnaround due to the Indian Premier League. Played for just 2 months every year, the IPL leaves behind even the English Premier League in terms of profit. Its average attendance figures pre-covid were also better than the EPL. A high level of competitiveness is certainly a factor in IPL getting to the point where its currently at. The Indian Premier League has seen 6 winners among 10 that have played so far. In comparison from the 42 teams that have taken part in the EPL, only 9 have won the trophy.

The factor that makes any sport even more enthralling is regional rivalry among teams. Real Madrid vs Barcelona, Australia vs England, India vs Pakistan, Manchester United vs Liverpool, Ford vs Ferrari are some of the rivalries that make the respective sport even more exciting to watch.

Rivalry in the IPL

Although the Indian Premier League is still in its teenage years, some exciting rivalries have already developed. Here we look at some of the biggest ones in the Indian Premier League.

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Chennai Super kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

If rivalries were created by how many trophies the teams have won, these two would certainly not stack up against each other, but that’s not the case. Geographic and politics has much more effect on sports rivalries than the number of trophies won. A rivalry is often created by how much pride a set of fans take in winning against each other. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have always been rivals due to the Cauvery river dispute. That rivalry has also crept in the IPL with both sets of fans desperate to get one up against their opponents.

RCB vs CSK at M Chinnaswamy has probably the most even crowd support in the IPL

The rivalry is also accentuated when opposing fans meet each other on a regular basis. Karnataka has a 14% Tamil speaking population which means these opposing fans encounter each other on a daily basis in workplaces, neighbourhoods or a general hangout place. It allows for banter which is what makes winning that much sweeter and losing even more so unbearable. The involvement of Dhoni and Kohli two of the biggest cricketing starts in the world certainly adds to the rivalry.

Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings

MI and CSK has won the most number of IPL trophies

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have been the two most successful IPL franchises by a long mile. These two have won 7 out of the 12 Indian Premier League seasons so far. Their on-field success has earned them a huge number of fans from all across the world. Their rivalry is largely a result of their competitiveness on the field. Rohit Sharma calls it the El Classico of IPL and although the intensity is nowhere close to a Real vs Barca match, it certainly winds up a huge number of fans.

Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Spat between Kohli and Gambhir in 2015

Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Rider’s rivalry started from an onfield spat between Kohli and Gambhir, the then captains of these two teams. Both of them are known to have a temper, something that was on display on many occasions, most famously in the game between KKR and RCB in 2015. Kohli batting on 35 was caught on long off which set Gambhir off in his celebration. He ran across Kohli celebrating and probably saying something which irked the batsman. They charged up to each other only to be pulled away by the team members. That spat between these two players ignited a spark of rivalry between the two teams, and although it has died down a little after Gambhir’s retirement, that feeling still stays to some extent.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Chennai Super Kings

Chennai and Hyderabad are located quite close to each other, bar Bangalore, so there is some regional rivalry among these two teams. Both the teams are equally strong which has given some very close games in the past. This rivalry, however, is not as big as some of the others primarily because Sunrisers Hyderabad has had foreign captains who just go about their job without creating any fuss. While this rivalry is nowhere as intense as RCB vs CSK it certainly has its moments as the teams are equally competitive on the field.

Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Capitals

An improving Delhi Capitals could certainly give people of Delhi some hope

People of Mumbai and Delhi love to compare their two cities and claim one better than the other. People from Delhi are always first to point out a lack of metro rail infrastructure in Mumbai and the general traffic woes in the city due to floods. Mumbai, on the other hand, does not hold back from pointing at Delhi’s weather and crude fashion choices of the people. In the IPL however, these two teams have never competed on the same level. While Mumbai Indians have 4 IPL trophies, Delhi Capitals have always lingered in the bottom half of the table. Only since the past couple of years have Delhi Capitals improved and given Mumbai Indians something to think about. This rivalry would certainly get intense as Delhi continue to improve this year. Both are at the top of the table with 10 points each from 7 games. A semifinal or a final match between these two would certainly give more fire to the rivalry between Delhi and Mumbai.

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KKR vs Dhoni

KKR under Gambhir were a force to be reckoned with. They won 2 IPL trophies under the southpaw along with 5 playoffs and have been one of the most successful teams in the IPL. KKR have been historically known for trolling Dhoni with a very aggressive field when he came to bat. They did it when he was in Pune Warriors as well as when in Chennai Super Kings. KKR would set a field at short, silly point and any other test field set up you could think of. Doing this to a prime Dhoni speaks volumes about their rivalry on the field. Sadly we don’t get to see something like this anymore.

Other rivalries such as Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders do not have as much animosity off the field as the others on the list. If we look at these rivalries only in terms of the onfield competitiveness then all games would need to be considered since every game is played between two rival teams. KKR vs MI doesn’t wind up fans like others on this list which is why it cannot be considered as big of a rivalry as say CSK vs RCB. If you think of any other rivalries in the Indian Premier League that I’ve missed please comment below.

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