India’s Obsession With Foreign Reaction Channels?


YouTube, the video-sharing platform started in 2005 has seemingly endless Indian viewers. So much so that, many YouTubers have begun appeasing to this huge viewer base by validating their opinions. A stark rise in the reaction channels that react to every Indian video is the result of that.

Jaby Koay, Geeks-a-musing and thousands of other such channels are earning millions by just watching someone else’s hard work. There are innumerable channels that react to Indian songs, movies, trailers and cricket matches. Not just that, now they have started reacting to videos like, “why is India great”, “greatest kings of India”, “Indian army”, “the national anthem of India”. A few minutes of watching them was sufficient for me to understand that they did not care about India or its greatness, they were in it just for the money.

Need for white validation?

India was under British rule for 200 years, a time span in which we Indians saw them as rich, sophisticated and important. The feeling towards them has somehow stayed in people’s mind till the 21st century. Even now, most Indians view foreigners above themselves in regard to importance. This is the reason they feel good when a person from the west says something nice about anything related to India.

The whole comments section of reaction channels is flooded with people asking to react to one thing or the other. If the universe provided such opportunity anyone would take it and that’s why I’m not very critical of the reaction channels as much. I am more enraged by my fellow countrymen who have yet to recover from the British rule and stop yearning for that white validation.

Cancer Thumbnails

The most annoying aspect of these reactions are the thumbnails where the YouTuber seems they’ve seen Jesus riding a unicorn while Hitler gives painting lessons in the background. Every thumbnail is them looking bamboozled like its the best thing ever. Most of the reactions are not even genuine, to begin with. I’ve never seen a person more dead on the inside than the ones on these reaction channels. They look like SBI bank employees wanting to just get this over with, fake smiling from time to time. Each thumbnail of reaction videos looks like they’re participating in a mouth opening competition.

All signs point to this not ending in the near future. Only YouTube could come up with some made-up rules that restrict these people from making easy money until then we have no choice.

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