Why do IPL cameramen act like lustful pigs?


Sports broadcasting has come a long way since the days of Doordarshan when all we could see was a blurry match from one camera angle. Today, the whole stadium is rigged with dozens of cameras as well as a spidercam that covers the whole ground from any angle imaginable.

To watch high-intensity games with this many camera angles is one of the modern-day marvels that we oftentimes take for granted. This post however isn’t about the technological advancements of the camera but rather the misuse of it when it lands in the hands of an Indian cameraman or IPL cameraman to be specific.

If you watch IPL matches you must have noticed the camera panning to the spectators between every ball. Watching the bowler going back to his run-up or a field change taking place does not excite the audience which is why the cameraman points to the crowd when something like that happens. Totally understandable!

But have you also noticed how the spectator is most often a girl? Forget a kid having fun, forget a man who has been a cricket fan all his life and saved hard-earned money so he could watch a cricket match. NO! If the IPL cameraman has to show a person in the crowd it must be a girl. The more sexy clothes she’s wearing the better.

This has been happening so much that it has become a minor irritation for me these days. I do not want to watch a girl every 2 seconds for god’s sake!

He’s showing what we all want to see?

Upon further reflection, however, I have realised that it is not the IPL cameramen who’re truly at fault here. All of the entertainment industry is based off on showing what the audience wants to see. You want to watch a guy kick the living out of 20 bad guys? You get Bollywood. You want to see women in makeup fighting for the stupidest thing possible? Fret not, Ekta Kapoor has your back.

You often search for and stalk beautiful girls when you see them on TV for 0.002 seconds? Well, IPL cameramen have exactly what you’re looking for!

Indian men are so devoid of sex and love that it becomes a dream too far fetched for them. Even a human touch is very rare for Indian men. Most have never been hugged in their entire lives. They start imagining physical intimacy as an unattainable dream.

Understandably they start overthinking about it and it is all that many think all the time. The businessmen get a sniff of it and like all things they devise ways that Indian men’s sexual frustrations can be monetised.

Voila! Now you have IPL cameramen showing beautiful girls every few seconds so many of these sexually frustrated men stick to the TV in hopes of seeing these girls again and again.

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