Xhaka Explodes Under Pressure. Again!


Granit Xhaka the Swiss-born Arsenal player came with a high expectation as everyone that joins a top 6 club in England. To say that he has come anywhere close to meeting those expectations would be an overstatement.

It is unbelievable how he managed to rise to the captain’s position. More so how he was made the captain again about telling Arsenal supporters to f**k off and throwing the captain armband on the ground. But this is the New Arsenal, a club that has become just a shadow of its former shelf. Arenal as they have done in the past are still fighting Manchester United. This time however only to be the worse team among the two bad teams. When Machester United should have been hogging all the limelight for their abysmal performances, Arsenal are still managing to one-up them by being an even poorer side.

To get red for grabbing an opponent by the throat after talking about respect, discipline and organisation is funny, sad, and ironic at the same time

Arsenal lost to Burnley for the first time since 1974. The game showed the New Arsenal in all their glory. They were indisciplined, vulnerable, and lacking in character. Xhaka, the captain of the Arenal team grabbed Westwood by the neck and the costliest Arsenal striker Aubameyang scored an own goal. Even Chelsea and Tottenham supporters could not write a fate like this for Arsenal.

Has Evra thrown Henry under the bus?

Patrice Evra, the ex-Manchester United player is a panellist at Sky Sports. After Arsenal’s defeat to Burnley, he said that “Thierry Henry, one day he invited me to his house to watch Arsenal. He turned on the TV, the first image he saw on the screen was Xhaka leading Arsenal. Thierry Henry turned off the TV. He said ‘I can’t watch my team & Xhaka being the captain.”

This incident could well be true as any legend who helped the team win multiple trophies would be annoyed looking at the sad state of affairs at the club. Henry however has not been very critical of the team in public. He has not come out and criticized any of the players or the coach. Evra’s comments would certainly put the spotlight on Henry now that his annoyance at the club is out in the public. I wonder how Henry thinks of this!

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