Motera Stadium

More Than 50,000 People Will Attend an Event for the First Time Since COVID-19

India and England will play the very first international match on the newly built Sardar Vallabhbhai Stadium/ Motera Stadium in

Cow dung amazon

Man Buys Cow Dung off of Amazon and Eats It

I woke up with a couple of WhatsApp groups having received the same meme overnight. It was this picture of

safe on olx quickr

How to Be Safe on Olx and Quickr?

OLX and Quikr are a very useful website in theory. These websites provide a platform where you could potentially sell

bollywood cringe

This Video Is Probably Why India Did Not Buy From Rafael

The year was 2009, Obama became the first Black President of the US, Manmohan Singh became Indian Prime Minister for


YouTube addiction

How to Watch Just One Video on YouTube and Move On?

There’s an inconceivable amount of effort put into making YouTube as addictive as possible. Google with its quintillion engineers designs


Xiaomi Updates Mi A3 and Now It Doesn’t Switch On

A few months ago, my Asus phone got stuck in the startup loop due to an update. I complained to

Boston dynamics dancing

We’re Doomed, the Machines Will Win Every Dance Battle Now

Boston Dynamics the company behind Spot, the robot dog is at it again. This time it has programmed its robots

YouTube NSFW ads

YouTube Ads Are Getting Out of Hand

YouTube, the video hosting platform owned by Google is known in every nook and corner of the world such has

KFConsole Is Marketing at Its Best

KFC the famous American Fast food chain had announced a console that would also work as a heater for KFC


Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Makes the Entirety of Its Collection Available Online

The extent of COVID19’s effect has been so great that the world is still scrambling to catch up with the

John Carpenter

This Is Still the Greatest Moment of Reality-TV

Reality TV has shown us some great and some not to so great moments of humanity. From crazy fights on

Buying at NYSE from INdia

How to Buy GameStop (GME) Stock From India

The GameStop fiasco is ongoing at the moment making crybabies out of billionaires. A bunch of guys who were laughing