Door plating indian railways

What Is Train Door Plating? Is It Going Away?

Rajdhani Express is in the process of being changed forever with the introduction of Tejas Rakes. There are many news

Rajdhani Express

FINALLY! Rajdhani Express Is Getting Its Prestige Back

Rajdhani Express, probably the most famous Indian train has been in existence for over 52 years. In that time, it

Indian wrong weather forcast

Why Is Weather Update Often Wrong in India?

Monsoon has finally made an entrance to the country after days of teasing. States like Bihar are already facing flood

post lockdown crowd in manali

Stupid, Post-Lockdown Travelers Are Ruining It for Everybody

India has been hit by one of the worst pandemics in history. A disaster that killed more than 4 lakhs


Apple work from home

Apple Just Made a $5 Billion HQ but Employees Don’t Want to Work There

Apple, the biggest company in the world completed the construction of its $5 Billion head quarter inspired by a spaceship.

Stock android phone in india

Tough Luck if You Want a Stock Android Phone in India

Smartphones today have become a necessity. From education to entertainment, smartphones have becomes a window to every aspect of human

YouTube addiction

How to Watch Just One Video on YouTube and Move On?

There’s an inconceivable amount of effort put into making YouTube as addictive as possible. Google with its quintillion engineers designs


Xiaomi Updates Mi A3 and Now It Doesn’t Switch On

A few months ago, my Asus phone got stuck in the startup loop due to an update. I complained to

Boston dynamics dancing

We’re Doomed, the Machines Will Win Every Dance Battle Now

Boston Dynamics the company behind Spot, the robot dog is at it again. This time it has programmed its robots


chinese racist banner

China’s Lack of Empathy Is Disturbing

I was minding my own business getting angry at Indians who have crowded the tourist’s destinations and are flouting covid

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Makes the Entirety of Its Collection Available Online

The extent of COVID19’s effect has been so great that the world is still scrambling to catch up with the

John Carpenter

This Is Still the Greatest Moment of Reality-TV

Reality TV has shown us some great and some not to so great moments of humanity. From crazy fights on