Have Chelsea blown their chances of beating Real Madrid?


To say that Chelsea, the current Champions Trophy holders are not having a good time would be a massive understatement. Their season had already gone past worse, now they’re exploring the great unknown where anything could happen.

It’s not like a few setbacks have ruined Chelsea’s season. They’re probably the most unstable club in world football, some fans rightfully calling them the Chaos FC. Chelsea are always going through some kind of turmoil on and off the pitch. Things like manager change, players revolts, getting transfer banned and other stuff like these are always a usual occurrence at Chelsea.

Similarly usual though are trophies at Chelsea. Despite anything going on at the club, Chelsea are always winning Trophies on the pitch. They are probably the only football club that thrives in chaos. The current situation, however, is worse than anything else before at Stamford Bridge and it seems like, for the first time it’s affecting players on the pitch.

Chelsea recently lost to newly-promoted side Brentford by 4-1 at their home. This came as a shock to everyone as Chelsea were doing quite decently on the pitch ever since their owner, Abramovich was sanctioned. The Chelsea coach Tomas Tuchel was keeping everything in control on the pitch until the last game.

Was a loss to Brentford just a blip?

Some ardent Chelsea fans consider this 4-1 loss at home just a blip in form or a bad day at the office. Given most of Chelsea’s players were away with their national teams, it could be assumed that they were tired and not in the groove of Premier League football.

History suggests that it is quite usual for Chelsea to lose to a mid-table club in a bad way in the month of February- March. Last year they lost to West Brom by a score of 5-2 at Bridge in a similar fashion.

Tomas Tuchel said after the loss that Chelsea players looked mentally tired and they believe it is due to travel. All Chelsea fans would hope that this is the case otherwise their season is on a course to disaster.

A tricky meeting with Real Madrid next

Chelsea’s next game is against Real Madrid at home in the Champions League quarter-finals. Real Madrid were Chelsea’s Semi-Final opponents in last year’s Champions League and were easily squatted away by a young and strong Chelsea team.

This year things aren’t very much different. Chelsea are essentially the same team as last year and so are Real Madrid. Both also seem to be struggling with their form as Real were defeated 4-0 at their Home by Barcelona and Chelsea were humbled by a newly promoted team.

The match could go in either team’s favour and there are no clear cut favourites given the dire situation both are in.

Tuchel’s war cry

Tomas Tuchel seems to be having a really bad time at the moment as well. He recently announced his separation from his long time partner. Add to that the work-related misery and you could argue he’s the unluckiest person in football at the moment.

He is however still behind the team and has asked fans to do the same. Tuchel believes that the stadium atmosphere against Brentford was really poor and called for better fan support if Chelsea are to do any better against Real Madrid.

Chelsea play Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge at 8 PM EST on 6th April 2022.

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