Neville and Carragher’s Reactionary Hot Takes know No Bounds


I love watching Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher talking politely about what Sky Sports calls a “heated argument”. I have found them to be quite entertaining if not slightly informative. Recently however I have noticed that they are both being moulded by this generation’s short attention span.

I have come to notice that Caragher in particular makes exaggerated comments about something that is trending. Last night for example he claimed that Pulisic has better quality than Havertz, Mount and Ziyech. While this is debatable

Shock value sells

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville say these outrageous and Hot takes because they are shocking and often garner more clicks than usual.

Caragher for example would claim Rashford to be the best player the world has ever seen after he scores a goal. He would then go on to compare him to a Sunday league footballer if he goes missing for a few games.

Their thoughts keep on changing according to the popularity or trend of players. The Pulisic claims have come after he scored in a 2-0 win against Lille in the Champions League but also because he is one of the most popular footballers out there being from the USA.

As expected the data shows the search queries for Jamie Carragher was highest in the USA after Chelsa’s win on Lille. Proving once again that Caragher is not an analyst anymore but a social media influencer at this point, saying anything and everything for clicks.

I can bet my left nut one of Caragher and Neville would claim that Manchester United could win this year’s Champions League after they manage to win the game against Atletic today.

Reason for Manchester United’s Woes

Much of United’s current woes can be credited to their ex-players in the media. Players like Neville, Scholes, Ferdinand and others have been confusing the club for a decade. They would massively hype the club after a usual win and kick them to dirt if they lose the next.

Their ex-players do not let them build a new identity of a club in transition. They are always up ready to play into the hands of social media and blurt out reactionary hot takes that are always popular but incorrect.

So the next time these football pundits claim anything, you must take it with a grain of salt as it could just be to appease massive fan bases and nothing else.

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