Why do some people hate Rameshwaram Cafe?


Rameshwaram cafe in Bangalore was rocked by a bomb blast on March 1st. What was thought to be a cylinder blast at first turned out to be a pre-planned attack on the peacefulness of the congress-ruled state. 

As per the reports so far, a man went into the cafe with a bag, ordered idli, had it, and then left the bag near the handwash area. After half an hour or so, the bomb, which is being reported as a time bomb exploded, injuring nine people. 

Soon, videos of the blast started doing the rounds on social media and soon there was a discussion around the political landscape of the country because of Congress winning elections in Karnataka just months ago. 

Although the politicization of an attack like this is understandable as it has been the story of the sad state of affairs in India, something that caught the eye was the discussion around the taste at Rameshwaram Cafe. 

A number of people seemed to have strong opinions about the taste at Rameshwaram Cafe in Bangalore. Among these most seemed to not like the amount of Ghee used in food at the Rameshwaram Cafe. 

Social media users called out the Rameshwaram Cafe for adding a lot of ghee to popular food choices like Dosas and Idlis at the famous cafe. Users pointed out that just adding ghee to any dish doesn’t make it taste better. Rather than a lot of ghee, the cafe should focus on the right balance between the food and the amount of ghee. 

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Among people who don’t like Rameshwaram Cafe, the number of locals is the most. Having grown up in the area and having had better food at local Dosa places the locals don’t understand the hype around Rameshwaram Cafe. They believe any small eatery by the side of the road would serve a better-tasting dosa and idli than the Ramesharam Cafe. 

The locals don’t understand why people will willingly stand in line to get a Masala dosa which is priced over Rs 100 when they can get a better tasting Dosa for Rs 50 at any small shop. 

Rameshwaram Cafe’s main customer 

Rameshwaram Cafe mostly serves people from outside of Bangalore who don’t understand Kannada and don’t feel comfortable going to a roadside shop as it would require them to experiment with different tastes. For them, Rameshwaram Cafe serves as a place where they can have food without having to delve much into the uncertainty of taste – It will be decent! 

Rameshwaram Cafe blast has once again thrown open the debate around the food taste in these ultra-popular eateries. Locals believe small roadside shops to have better taste than Rameshwaram Cafe while people who come from outside of Bangalore don’t want to get into the hassle of trying at different places so just pick a safe option and go there. 

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