Fighter Movie: It’s time we stopped punching below and made an action movie involving China


The upcoming film “Fighter,” featuring Hrithik Roshan, seems to follow the trend, reminiscent of countless films where the India-Pakistan rivalry takes center stage. However, in an era marked by global challenges and changing geopolitical dynamics, it’s high time for Bollywood to evolve its narrative and address more pressing issues.

Bollywood has a powerful platform to influence public opinion and shape perspectives. However, the persistent focus on a now outdated narrative not only reinforces stereotypes but also fails to reflect the complex realities of the contemporary world. The tired rhetoric of “India baap, Pakistan beta” has lost its relevance, and it is crucial for filmmakers to move beyond such clichéd narratives.

In the case of “Fighter,” the movie appears to be borrowing heavily from Hollywood’s iconic Top Gun, raising questions about creativity and originality. While inspiration is common in the film industry, it is imperative for Bollywood to forge its unique identity and contribute narratives that resonate with the current global scenario. Instead of perpetuating the done-to-death India-Pakistan rivalry, filmmakers should aim for stories that mirror the real threats and challenges faced by the nation.

One of the glaring issues with films like “Fighter” is the failure to address the actual adversaries that India faces today. In a world where China and the USA are emerging as dominant players, focusing on an outdated rivalry with Pakistan seems out of touch. China, with its growing influence and assertive policies, presents a more relevant and substantial challenge that deserves exploration on the silver screen.

It’s time for Bollywood to elevate its storytelling, showcasing narratives that reflect the complex socio-political landscape of today. The argument that Pakistan is no longer a worthy opponent holds weight when considering the economic and political struggles faced by the neighboring country. It is essential for Bollywood to move beyond the outdated narrative of “us versus them” and explore more nuanced and globally relevant stories.

While “Fighter” may be attempting to emulate the success of Top Gun, it’s essential for Bollywood to realize that Indian audiences are evolving. The repetition of formulaic narratives is likely to alienate a section of viewers who crave fresh, thought-provoking content. A shift in focus towards more pertinent global challenges, such as India’s relationship with China, could not only rejuvenate the industry but also resonate with a broader audience.

Bollywood has the potential to be a global cinematic force, but it must adapt to the changing times. “Fighter” and similar movies should be a wake-up call for the industry to move beyond outdated narratives, embrace creativity, and tell stories that reflect the complexities of the real world. Only then can Bollywood truly showcase its calibre on the global stage.

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