‘National Shame’ – Twitter rallies behind Spanish motorcycle couple who were gang raped and robbed in Jharkhand


In what has come out as shocking and shameful news for all Indians, a Spanish couple who was on their motorcycle travel throughout India has been robbed and gang raped by seven men in Jharkhand. 

The couple has posted a video of the ordeal on their Instagram handle Fernanda.4ever where the woman could be seen bruised and in a state of shock. The video is posted from a hospital near Dumka where this incident took place. 

According to more updates, the incident happened near Makarkanda where the couple had stopped and put up a tent to stay the night before starting their journey again. At night, 7 men entered the tent and forced the woman into the heinous act. When the Spanish man opposed, he was beaten by the men. 

Bunny Punia a prominent motorcycle journalist couldn’t control his anger in his tweet. He wrote, “Atithi Devo Bhava my foot! This is so shameful. A Spanish couple have been touring in India and suffered the most shocking incident ever in Jharkhand. Can’t image what they went through. I’m so so sorry what they went through.” 

Another Twitter page by the name of Gems of Engineering wrote, “Imagine attacking those tourists who despite all the bad things come to your dirty country thinking of seeing and exploring something good and that’s how our people pay them. Shameful.” 

As per her Instagram account, Fernanda was travelling through India on her red Yamaha Tenere 700. She was travelling with her partner Vincente Y Fernanda who was on his Honda Africa Twin. They had travelled from Leh Ladakh to the Kanyakumari and were exploring the Eastern part of the country when their shocking incident happened with them. 

In a special post, Vincente shared the good news of their completion of the trip. They had planned to go to Australia from India through the eastern part of the country. 

Here is the support that the Spanish biking couple has received on Twitter: 


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